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« Last post by Groot on September 19, 2018, 01:13:30 AM »
Roleplay Forum / Re: Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 09, 2018, 10:47:39 PM »
nevermind this site is dead. if reading and interested message me on facebook under Demose Fumetsu.
Roleplay Advertisements / Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 09, 2018, 10:30:26 PM »
All welcome to join. Only two rules are respect the person behind the character and no judgements. All rules and guidelines for game site apply.
Roleplay Forum / Re: Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 09, 2018, 05:39:53 PM »
King Denivel had been working with the generals to make sure of how the war on the rebels and the lich. All week he has been roaring orders and yelling at the generals about why isn't the swamp dried and burned yet. The weekend was here and it was his time with his first wife, Aliona. He looked forward to every weekend that she would bend to his every whim.
The gold plated boot connects to the ground causing the heavy black granite floor tiles to creek under the immense force of the magic and strength behind each foot fall. His mind full of military tactics for defending the castle and attacking the rebels. He passes door by door. Each door various lengths apart with a torch adjacent to everyone but one. A yellow and silver door stood within one of the long stone halls with a shelf outside the door. The shelf had two red bottles, two blue bottles, two yellow bottles, and one purple bottle with silver lining the outside of the glass. The gauntlet made clinking and grinding noises as he lifted his hand to the shelf as he passed grabbing the bottle with the purple liquid inside. He continued walking as he pulled the cork out of the bottle and drank it. He Headed down into his private living quarters. As he stops at his heavy steel door, he grabs the door and starts to pull it open with scraping and creaking sounds. The door flies wide revealing a lavish bed set and other furniture. He would step inside after handing a guard at the left of his door.
Roleplay Forum / Re: Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 08, 2018, 11:05:12 PM »
Character Name: Demose Estral Fumetsu
Class: Chakra and spirit user/ Martial Artest(hand to hand).
Race: Half Dragon/ other half is unknown to him.
About character: An order of Spirit Monks found the nest where his egg lay. The mother dragon found dead. They stayed with the egg for months keeping it worm enough. The egg then hatched. The baby born Half dragon looked up at the monks with a dark yellow eyes that seem to be blazing. They named him within their language: Dragons Flame Eternal. The monks trained him within the way of the spirit and how to master it's energy. The boy grew slowly but learned fast. Every five years the boy would age one year. Within his teen years he started wondering out of the caverns. He eventually found a small village outside and they within the forest mastering the energies of the body. He found his way into there trust. He then spent the rest of his teenager years and early 20s there. At age 23, He sat out for adventure.
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Roleplay Forum / Re: Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 08, 2018, 10:19:19 PM »
Character Name: Sithren
Class: King lich
race: once was human now is Undead necromancer.
About character: Born into a noble house as a child of infidelity, The husband was a mean drunk and beat the mother and him as a child. The biological father was never told to him. (this happened a few hundred years ago.) The mother ignoring him sense she birthed of, his older brother focused on trying to keep the child alive. After he turned 5 his older brother of 13 started to let him start working for his own life. At the age of 14 he snapped and slit his mothers and fathers throats. He ran away. Living in the slums all his teenage years he learned how to quickly defend himself. At the age of 23 he found himself an opportunity to leave and started questing to better himself. He learned the swordsmanship class and challenged all other swordsman. With this knowledge he murdered whole villages, looted their spoils, but he left a single child left alive. He sometimes would pass through the town or city learning rumors and continuing. Once he learned every style his body could withstand at the age of 35, he still wished more. He the started lean into the magics and what they are capable of. Memorizing every book he found he set onto Necromancy so that he can continue to live beyond human or elf years. Now deep withing the necrotic magics he now is ready to transition into the powerful King Lich. At the age of 48, as he hides the last of his phylacteries(Items with peaces of his own soul), He was ambushed by his older brother and a few other mercenary. He died within that battle. After a year of peace, he arose from his grave. He found his brother and band, then destroyed them. He then found a swamp. After a few years of fortifying now his home he turned his looks back into what they where when he was human.(Achievement needed for this.) He then started wondering again in and out of the kingdom and his swamp.
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Roleplay Forum / Re: Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 08, 2018, 09:02:22 PM »
Character Name: Kaygon Dragonthorn
Class: Spirit Paladin
race: Human albino weregoriilla(licanthropy)
About character: Kaygon was the first born to the thrown. His little brother poisoned him and and through his sleeping body into the swamp. He woke to a strange order of monks that taught him the power of the spirit. Using this knowledge, he put it into use with his fighting style to create his own Spirit Paladin. He then after years of practice vows to free his kingdom and purge the land of evil.
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Roleplay Forum / Re: Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 08, 2018, 01:58:05 PM »
Character Name: King Denivel.
Class: Fighter
Race: Human/ weregorilla(licanthopy).
About character: The King was born the second male. He poisoned his elder brother for the thrown. The poison left him in a sleep like coma. Once he had the thrown, he raised taxes high being greedy. He then started taking the first born son of every commoner in his kingdom for his military or servants around the castle or even guards. He has three wives no hair(16 daughters). All else will be discovered within RP.
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Roleplay Forum / Midevil Early 800s(fantasy)
« Last post by DemoseFumetsu on September 08, 2018, 03:30:50 AM »
This once prosperous kingdom is now threatened be rebellion and both are threatened by a powerful undead Lich wishing to expand his swamp to cover the lands. The king offers vast wealth to for the death of the Rebel leader and the lich(fliers and quest line if asked any barkeep and guard captains). Rebellion seeking strong warriors to help cause(random rebel patrols on main roads/ same with patrols from the castle.) Be anything you wish anything is possible. No god molding or auto hitting and respect the person behind the character. Any race and class welcome. Licanthropy, undeath, or any other creature that is cursed or blessed, must be achieved. Keep in mind you all live in the same kingdom, so please read all posts and adjust your NPCs and such accordingly. There is 5 major cities within the kingdom. Manith, Trancer, Blank, Romstade, and the capital(where the king's castle is) Portice. The swamp already consumed Manith which was on the edge of the swamp. Romstade is the main supporter of the rebellion(Main rebel base). Trancer leans for the rebellion but can be persuaded to change sides, also is known for the ocean dock and the merchant ships. Blank is known for the Blank Face Inn, which the town was named after. the owner(bartender, Innkeeper) wares a mask that is solid white with only eye wholes.  Portice is the biggest of the cities with three sections, noble part of town, the commoners market, and the slums. RP your own path and NPCs. You may have up to 4 characters. NPCs are NonPlayerCharacters that you only see briefly. The bartender, in blank, is named Absence and is a very quiet and full of secrets and wisdom. He is a NPC but keep him to the personality please. Rumors are heard by the wondering about a book that holds secrets of the past(you may RP this one out yourself or you may ask me for scenes). No judgement on how or what someone does with their character.
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« Last post by RipperRex on August 25, 2018, 02:03:18 AM »
NEVERMIND, turns out shit happened and I didn't know about it. Sorry.
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